This is SARANTOYA HESSELDAL, who was born in Lilit's second litter, on 24.12.2000.
It was Lilit's last litter, so when a buyer regretted her reservation, we decided to keep her ourselves.

Sarantoya is 4 months old on this picture.

Photo: Kirsten Kaae.


Sarantoya's pedigree

Sarantoya or Toya for short


Sarantoya is a very talkative cat, in fact we think a little too much!

She was shown 4 times as a Kitten and Junior, and it went very well. On one occation she was Best in Variety, totally.

At her first appearence in open class she was ex.2 - after her sister Salonqa!
At her second appearence she was Best in Variety, totally. 

In November 2005 she became an 
European Champion.

She has been BIV 7 times and nominated for Best in Show on 1 occation.

Sarantoya is 9 months old here.

Photo: Kirsten Kaae.

Almost an adult but still childish


Sarantoya, or Toya for short, 1 year old.

She has had one litter with two kittens.
In November2002  she had  Ujiji Chimay and Uzuri Hesseldal, a female and a male.

Photo: Kirsten Kaae.


Sarantoya and Lilit enjoying each others company!


Sarantoya in 2003

Photo: Kirsten Kaae.

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