ZARIN LILIT was born 11.12.97 in Helsinki. Her breeder is Sari Kulha. Her mother is EC Sagolands Kapris DM. Her father is CH Cattleya's Emi No Fujikun. Through her father she is the great-great-great-great grandchild of Bitsjka, our first Russian Blue.

Lilit moved in with us on 28.3.98. She is very sweet, soft and gentle. She was getting along very well with our other cats, she just loved us all!

Lilit is 7 months old on this picture. She is lying in her elephant-catbed Olympia.

Kirsten Kaae took the photo.

Lilit's pedigree

Sweet Lilit


Lilit went to her first show as an adult in October 1998. She was just 10 months old, but she was

Best in Show

We were very proud. Best of Best was not elected at this show, so she could not go any higher.

In July 2000 Lilit became International Champion.

In November 2006 she was Europa Premier

On her way to this title she was 

1 x BIV +  9 x NOM, 2 x BOX, 2 x BIS 

and Best Veteran 5 times.





Grown-up Lilit


A mother of 4 Lilit is 3 years old on this photo. She has had two litters with two kittens each.
In December 1999 she had  Zenit and Zoogin Hesseldal, a female and a male.
In December 2000 she had two females, Sarantoya and Salonqa.

Kirsten's photo again.



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