Lilit's second litter

Lilit's second litter was born on Christmas Eve 2000. She got two kittens again this time, both of them are females. Their names are SALONQA and SARANTOYA HESSELDAL. Salonqa is living with her father. Satantoya stayed here by us. 

Lilit with her youngest daughters.
They are 6 weeks old on this photo.
It is Sarantoya on Lilits left and Salonqa on her right.

Photo: Kirsten Kaae

Mother and daughters


RATHCKE's CHLOPIEC ELF, called ELVIS is the father of the kittens. He is bred by Freddy Rathcke and Dorte Jensen. His father is a French cat, Ness de Tireby, his mother is CH Rathcke's Babka Bo´se from our old lines, a very beautiful female.

Elvis is owned by Steen H. Sorensen in Svendborg

Photo: Kirsten Kaae



Lilit's lovely ladies Sarantoya left and Salonqa right.

They are 3 months old on this picture.

Photo:Kirsten Kaae.



Shortly after this picture was taken, Salonqa moved. This is one of the last photos of her taken in our house.

Now she is pampered in Svendborg. Her nick-name is Salsa.

She has been shown once as a Junior and was Best in Variety and twice as an adult, where her results were CAC,  Best in Variety and nominated for Best in Show and CAC.

Photo: Kirsten Kaae.




Salsa in August 2003.

Photo:Kirsten Kaae.


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