Lilit's first litter


Lilit's first litter were born 27. and 28.12.1999. She gave birth to a female and a male.
They got the names ZENIT and ZOOGIN HESSELDAL.

Lilit with Zenit and Zoogin

Photo: Kirsten Kaae

Lilit with her kittens
Opiom, the father OPIOM DE LA MER DE KARA is the father of the kittens. He is bred in France by Francoise Lauge.His father is a Kyina/Talisker-cat   from Canada.
His Danish owner was Maria Andersen, but now he is living in Czechia.

Photo: Kirsten Kaae



ZENIT HESSELDAL, moved in with Anne Merete Ebbesen and her family.

She was BIS Shorthair Kitten on her first show. Next time she was Best in Variety, also beating the adults, still in kitten-class. At her third show she was a junior. She got Best in Variety for juniors and kittens (6 were present) and was nominated for Best in Show.
Guess if we are proud!

Photo: Anne Merete Ebbesen.

Zenit with her prizes


Zenit posing for the photographer Zenit 10 months old.

Photo: Ole Palmhoej



Zenit as a young adult

Photo: John Prip Hansen




Zenit was the mother of one litter, 4 kitten born in December 2002. 

Anne Merete's prefix is Zenit Feline
Zenit had two males, Linum and Lathyrus, and two females, Lotus and Lupuin.

Photo: Anne Merete Ebbesen



Me holding one of the Zenit Feline-kittens

Photo: Kirsten Kaae



Zoogin and Lilit

Zoogin is now living with the Balle-family.

Photo: Kirsten Kaae.


Zenit (lying) and Zoogin (sitting).

Photo: Kirsten Kaae.

Zenit and Zoogin


Zoogin 7 months old, enjoying life in Toender.

Photo: Kirsten Kaae

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