HESSELDAL is the prefix of Kirsten Kaae, with whom I share a house and 2 Russian Blues.

We have bred 5 litters in 1987 and 1989 and in 1999, 2000 and 2002. It is important to us to show attention to each kitten.
It is fun to sell to people, who want to breed and to show our cats, but most important is, that they have a good life at home in the family.
A Hesseldal-cat is a spoiled cat!
You will find photos of most of the kittens  on these pages.

At  shows the Hesseldal-cats have achieved the following:

CH and EP Ofelia Hesseldal : 1 x BIS + 4 x BOX + 6 x NOM, 4 x BIV

EC Odile Hesseldal : 1 x BIS + 2 x BOX + 2 x NOM, 12 x BIV

IC Bourtai Hesseldal : 1 x NOM, 2 x BIV

PR Djingiz Hesseldal : 2 x BIS + 2 x NOM, 2 x BIV

Zenit Hesseldal : 1 x BIS + 1 x NOM, 2 x BIV

Salonqa Hesseldal : 1 x NOM, 2 x BIV

EC Sarantoya Hesseldal : 1 x NOM, 7 x BIV 

PR Uzuri Hesseldal

EC Sarantoya Hesseldal. Photo: Kirsten Kaae

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